Jeans and the Color Trends in Hollywood

Hollywood tends to nudge the clothing trends of the fashion-loving public. With so much sway power through magazines, tabloids and the media in general, it’s really no surprise that when you start to see several popular names donning a specific style, it’s bound to become a major fashion player in the near future. Case in point, the color of jeans has morphed many times throughout the decades, with the latest hit hue being gray.

Gray Jeans

When we needed another chic color to counter the sometimes boring shades of blue and black that are standard in the jeans world, gray came along. Though they fit on just about any style, the most prominent type seems to be gray skinny jeans or jeggings. Since gray is a lighter shade, it doesn’t have that classic notion of being slimming, so most tend to opt for a very fitted jean to counter it’s light hue. Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Victoria Beckham have all been seen in their beloved grays.

Military Green

The military look is certainly taking control from multi-buttoned, structured jackets to jeans with cargo pockets in shades of military green. The bulk of past military trends have gone and again, like gray, the look is clean lines usually found in skinny styles. This shade has made appearances on Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow and Charlize Theron.

Classic Blues

Going back to the roots, many top names are being caught in classic blue jeans. Not too light, not too dark, not even bright colored blues, just your classic indigo-dyed jeans. Some have a little bit of distressing on the thighs giving the upper leg a little definition, but many more are opting for that true-blue with no details or distressing. Top names in the game are Kate Bosworth, Eva Mendes and Reese Witherspoon.

If trends have always made you wary, now is a great time to dabble. The colors are not as vibrant as they have been in recent years, making them much more wearable and long-lasting. Staples such as classic blues are easy to bring back to any wardrobe. Grays can last for through many trends whether they are the hot color or not, while military colors are perfect for those wanting just a touch of on-trend fashion.